QHSE Solutions provides specific training courses in the transportation of radioactives by air and sea. They are based on the use of IATA DGR and IMDG internationally and as applied domestically in the UK. They can be tailored to your requirements so if you do not see what you are looking for please get in touch.

Course Aims:

To train shippers/cargo agents and acceptance staff in the safe transportation of radioactive material by air and sea.


Shippers/cargo agents and acceptance staff responsible for radioactive shipments.

Please note that prior dangerous goods training is a prerequisite, e.g., attendance on an Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air or Sea Course or DGSA.

Course Objectives:

To ensure that personnel responsible for shipping radioactive material by air and sea can:

  • Understand and apply the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations with respect to radioactive material transport by air
  • Understand and apply the IMDG Code with respect to radioactive material transport by sea
  • Understand their responsibilities
  • Identify the criteria for the classification of radioactive material
  • Identify Proper Shipping Names and UN Numbers
  • Identify radioactive material which is forbidden for air or sea transport
  • Understand and apply the information contained in the List of Dangerous Goods / Dangerous Goods List
  • Correctly pack radioactive material in the appropriate packagings
  • Mark and label packages
  • Determine Activity limits, criticality, transport index and transport category
  • Document shipments
  • Accept or reject a shipment based on the above
  • Recognise when additional documentation is required


The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
The IMDG Code
UN numbers and Proper Shipping Names
The List of Dangerous Goods / Dangerous Goods List
Marking and labelling

This is a 3 day course, 2 days for air and 1 day for sea.

Air and sea can be taken separately and exam only bookings may be made.

At the end of each course there is an examination with a pass mark of 75% with successful candidates being issued a certificate.  The air certificate is valid for 24 months.

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