National Passenger

Course Aims:

The CPC course covers a diverse range of transport, business and safety related topics in order to prepare candidates for OCR National CPC examinations.


CPC meets the requirements for professional competency in an application for a standard Operator's (or 'O') licence’.  The Operator's Licence is a requirement for most operators of transport vehicles in the UK.

Participants are likely to be owner drivers or representatives of road transport companies and who are applicants for an Operator's Licence.


The course is split into 3 units:

  • Understanding the Legal and Business for Road Transport Operations
  • Understanding National Road Haulage Operations
  • Managing National Road Haulage Operations

Covering the following topics:

  1. Road transport contracts - the rights and obligations
  2. Conditions of carriage, compensation and the CMR convention
  3. Company creation, operation and termination
  4. Calculating and interpreting costing information
  5. Taxation and VAT
  6. Employment bodies, employment institutions and industrial relations
  7. Health and safety at work
  8. Contracts of employment - rights and obligations of employers and employees
  9. The Working Time Directive, drivers hours, scheduling and records
  10. Business documentation for purchase and sale of services including payment methods
  11. Methods of finance
  12. Accounts - trading accounts, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, financial progress, budgeting
  13. Marketing and public relations
  14. Environmental legislation
  15. Insurance
  16. Risk assessment
  17. Vehicle excise duty
  18. Usage charges e.g., congestion charging
  19. Information Technology and communication
  20. Road haulage services
  21. Applying for the correct Operator's License and maintenance of the license
  22. Vehicle weights and dimensions
  23. Regulations relating to loads - the carriage of Dangerous Goods, wastes, foodstuffs and live animals
  24. Driving tests and licenses
  25. Traffic rules
  26. Dealing with accidents
  27. Organization charts and people management
  28. Choosing the most appropriate vehicle and associated equipment
  29. Maintenance planning

Course Length:

5 days teaching and 1 day exam preparation.  Please allow at least 6 weeks for examination marking.


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