DG by Road Consignors Workshop

Workshop Aims:

The aim of these workshops is ensure that personnel receive the appropriate training for their function to ensure that they can correctly pack, mark, label and document shipments of dangerous goods by road (as required by their role).

To ensure that all in the organization contribute towards compliance, improved safety and effective dangerous goods movement.

The workshops aim to be delivered in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where up to 12 staff of all levels and functions work together in groups to achieve the results required for every day operations.


All levels of staff responsible for consigning known substances or articles of dangerous goods.

These workshops are not suitable for those who require training in dangerous goods classification.  Contact us if you require information on courses containing classification.

Workshop Objectives:

The workshop objectives are agreed with each individual client to ensure that their staff receive appropriate training for their function and for the modes of transport used. 

The broad aims are to ensure that staff:

can recognise the hazards associated with dangerous goods and make suitable assessments about compatibility of shipments

understand the core dangerous goods legislation as regards packaging, labelling, marking and documenting shipments

can use the relevant texts to prepare dangerous goods shipments for transport by road.


Typical content of these workshops are:

  1. The dangerous goods legislation and classification system
  2. The hazards of dangerous goods
  3. Packing
  4. Marking and labelling
  5. Dangerous goods documentation
  6. Short examinations, if required


Gregor Gibb

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