CLaP Awareness Workshop

Course Aims:

A new system for classifying hazardous chemicals came into force 20 January 2009. In line with this, labels, symbols, risk phrases, safety phrases and sds will also be changing. An example of a new pictogram and Hazard Statement:



The aim of this course is to inform delegates of the changes in the supply classification system to ensure that they can understand the new format and content of labels and sds. It is critical that the users of hazardous chemicals understand the supplied safety information.

A further aim is to increase awareness of the requirements of the legislation to enable compliance and enhanced protection of health, safety and the environment.


Laboratory staff, warehousing personnel and any personnel working with chemicals as part of their role, e.g., builders, painters, cleaners, leisure industry personnel, teachers, etc.

Personnel responsible for conducting COSHH assessments, COMAH assessments and chemical safety management.

Staff responsible for approving sds.

Please note that we also deliver a competence level course for staff who are responsible for classification, labelling, packaging and sds authoring.

Course Objectives:

To enable personnel involved in the handling and use of hazardous chemicals to protect the health and safety of users and the environment.

Course Content:

The EU classification, labelling & packaging regulations
Globally Harmonised System (GHS)
Hazard Classes
Hazard Pictograms
Signal Words
Hazard Statements
Precautionary Statements
What should I expect to see on a label?
Application of labels
What changes should I expect to see on an sds?
Compliance transitional periods
Changes to other regulations, e.g., COSHH, COMAH.

Principal Tutor:

Louise Witter has been working in the field of sds for 11 years and is the only recognised teacher of this subject in Scotland and one of the few within the UK. Louise has taught sds producing staff within all of the major production chemical companies servicing the oil and gas industry and has conducted training in sds production as far afield as Singapore. As a consultant she also manages sds projects for a number of companies in different fields. She also has extensive working relationships with the major sds software producers, advising on various types of software and issues. Louise Witter is a member of and lecturer for the Chemicals Hazards Communication Society. She is a qualified DGSA and approved to instruct in the safe carriage of dangerous goods by the Civil Aviation Authority, Department for Transport and Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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