CHIP 4 - GB Chemical Classification & Communication

Course Aims:

To show how The Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2002 (as amended) are used to prepare material safety datasheets (sds) and labels.

To increase awareness of the requirements of the legislation and to enable the practical application of the legislation to ensure compliance


Msds authors, staff responsible for chemical safety and handling, staff responsible for producing COSHH assessments, staff using msds on a regular basis.

Course Objectives:

To enable authors of msds to correctly classify chemicals for supply in order that their organization and customers handle chemicals safely, without danger to health and in accordance with legislation.

To ensure creators of supply labels for chemicals are aware of the current legal requirements.

To show readers and users of msds how msds are compiled so that they can read the information properly and ensure that the data they have is correct.

To show readers of msds how to use the information they have to make comparisons with different products e.g., in a bidding situation.

To show msds responsible how to find answers to legal issues that arise from the creation and use of msds.

Course Content:

The EU classification and labelling system
Classification using the Approved Supply List
Classification using the Approved Guide to Classification and Labelling
Use of the Conventional Method to classify preparations, in particular complex mixtures
Assigning Safety Phrases


Louise Witter has been working in the field of msds for many years and is the only recognised teacher of this subject in Scotland and one of the few within the UK.  Louise has taught msds producing staff within all of the major production chemical companies based in the Aberdeen oil and gas industry, and has conducted training in msds production as far a field as Singapore.  As a consultant she also manages msds projects for a number of companies.  She also has extensive working relationships with the major msds software producers, advising on various types of software and issues.  Louise Witter is a member of and lecturer for the Chemicals Hazards Communication Society.  She is a qualified DGSA and an approved CAA, DfT and SQA dangerous goods instructor.

In order to ensure the course aims are met effectively and that participants receive the highest quality training, spaces on each course are limited to 8 so early booking is advised.

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